Circus Quilt

Have you seen the patchwork books from Material Obsession? I spent ages poring over them with my Granny and was immediately drawn to this pattern. The shapes and the subject seem so intrinsically linked: it’s just perfect:

Three Ring Circus

So when my good friends Mark and Cath had baby Eve, I seized the opportunity (excuse) to get stitching. It was my first adventure in hexagons and using templates but the instructions in this gorgeous book were so clear and well illustrated that, with some VERY careful measuring and cutting, it all fell more or less into place. I also had the watchful eye of my wonderfully talented Granny to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I ordered the clown print fabric online and was very pleased with it. The purple circus/newsprint fabric is a bit on the heavy side for patchwork but it wasn’t a problem and I’m really pleased with it:


I used the blanket stitch setting on my machine around each inner hexagon which looks really neat:


Spots and stripes are so vibrant and fun – Eve loves it!



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