Colette Parfait

The model in the Colette Parfait dress photos looks so completely beautiful that it’s been on my to-make list for yonks. So as soon as term finished for the summer, I was straight on it:


The patch pockets were really easy thanks to the super clear instructions and I love the stripey buttons from Armadillo:

parfait pocket


Colette Parfait top

Colette Parfait top

Colette Parfait bodice

Colette Parfait bodice

I found this delicious spotty fabric at Barry’s Fabrics and decided to use the wrong side as the right side to get a softer pattern (it made right/wrong side instructions doubly confusing!) and I really love the effect. The only thing is that it marks terribly, even from my handbag, so I have to be super careful when wearing it.

As usual, the bodice was a bit big for me but it was simple enough to take in. I added a skirt lining so the whole world can’t see my pants and it was easy to hide the raw edges under the bodice lining. I love the fitted bodice and the gathers were so well explained that it worked perfectly first time! Cute straps and buttons too – I’ll definitely be making more of these and am on the look out for some very thin pastel stripes, or a soft yellow maybe…

It’s the ultimate summer sun dress!



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