Rainbow Pinwheels


My friend Angela asked me to make her a quilt and I’m always up for a challenge. We spent blissful hours trawling through beautiful designs for inspiration and she hit upon the idea of a gradation of colours. We both really love the geometry and repetition of traditional designs and 400+ pinwheels later, I was very proud of the result!

The construction of the individual pinwheels is pleasingly productive as for every pair of 6″ squares you work on, you get 2 smaller windmilly squares. I also really enjoyed chainpiecing the tiny squares/triangles which come out of the machine like miniature rainbow bunting.

Angela was new to patchwork and when we went shopping for fabric, couldn’t conceive of putting clashing/contrasiting colours and patterns together. For me, part of the beauty of this quilt was seeing her relax into the look-through-your-eyelashes-at-the-colour-blend patchwork zone as the project oh-so-slowly unfolded.

Now I love seeing it in its new home when I go to visit.


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