This is The Reversalex of Pure Joy and I almost can’t cope with how much I love it!


The moment I first opened my By Hand London Elisalex pattern and saw on their sewalong that it was possible to make a reversible version, this dress was inevitable. The sewalong instructions are for a sleeveless version but I wanted sleeves, which added an extra level of complication.


I choose two fabrics from the same range in the end, so that they would be of exactly the same weight and I was also careful to make sure that one would not show through onto the other. I’m all about speedy sewing but listened to advice AGAINST cutting out both fabrics at once!! I knew from the start that I’d learn a lot about patience and accuracy through this dress and I certainly did.


I started by making two separate bodices (with sleeves) and joined them at the cuffs, right sides together. The beauty (one of the many beauties!) of this pattern is that the raw edges are all enclosed. Next, I made two skirts, with super accurate box pleats. With right sides together, I joined the skirts at the hem, then fixed each skirt to its bodice. At this point, I thought I might have created some kind of Möbius strip but all was well and the dress was still open at the zip. I inserted the invisible zip in the blue dress then turned under the grey side, pinned it carefully and topstitched around the neckline and zip in one continuous line. I also (oh so carefully) topstitched around the waistband.


I made this dress in April and STILL, every time I wear it, I switch it over in a tea break and hoot with laughter at the childish joy of it all. Wearing it is like playing the Mendelssohn Octet (do listen all the way to the end!): you can’t do it and not smile all day!

Have you made anything reversible? Which other patterns would be potential reversible treasures?



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