Plans Afoot

Ooh la la, a Deer and Doe parcel has arrived! It contains the Bleuet dress:


the Sureau dress:



and the Anémone skirt:


I’m feeling all autumnal this week and have some quite heavy grey polka dot fabric, some dark bluey-green cord and, best of all, this Autumn Woods Fall Berries from I had a(nother) delightful trip to Guthrie & Ghani today and came away with some sumptuous Liberty bias tape to perfect my next Belladone dress. I’m off to Wales on Friday for a week with friends and the weather forecast is predictably shocking so I feel Deer & Doe week coming on…updates soon…

What’s on your autumnal sewing list?

In other news, I’ve been persuaded by a friend that I want to take a knitting machine off his hands which should be fun. Does anyone have any hints or tips for machine knitting?

And I’ve just posted super cute twin baby quilts to my friends’ adorable identical little girls; pictures as soon as postie arrives 🙂



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