BHL Anna #2

After the triumph of my first By Hand London Anna Dress, I was keen to make the shorter version. It’s great for work as it’s both smart and comfortable. Having deliberately made the first dress quite roomy, I decided I didn’t need the zip (what a lot of fiddling around if it’s not even needed!) I’m a teacher and had promised my little sewing club that I’d wear this new version the next day and was up quite late and neeeearly finished.

Disaster: I tried it on to check the length and couldn’t get out. I’d sewn myself into it! Now, I live on my own and don’t know my neighbours well enough to go knocking on their doors at 11:30 pm asking to be cut out of my dress…I thought I was going to have to sleep in it and get a colleague to unstitch me in the morning. Several minutes of wrestling with a stitch ripper later and I was free.

The moral of this story: you really do need a zip!!

green green3

I lined the skirt which makes it feel more luxurious and stops it sticking to my tights. I think it gives a bit more definition to the lovely A line skirt too:


After all that drama, Ireally love this little green beauty; the kimono-style sleeves are a) easy and b) unusual and the front pleats are flattering and give a really lovely shape to the dress.


Tell me about your sewing scrapes!


One thought on “BHL Anna #2

  1. Hi Catherine! I couldn’t remember what your blog url was and I was faffing around typing all sorts of variants of Clemens and then found it! Love your Anna dress, it is such a pretty shade (nice not to have tight sleeves either!) and what a nightmare to get stuck in the dress! I once had to go round to my neighbours in a vest and shorts and nothing else (bare feet) when I accidentally went to empty the tea pot on my bay tree in my pjs and the front door slammed shut and I was there with the tea pot. They had such a surprise at 8 in the morning as I knocked on the door asking to use their phone. It was SO embarrassing.

    Hope you are having a good week at school!

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