One of my earliest memories is of staying with my grandparents and ‘helping’ my Granny make this quilt:

I remember choosing fabrics and being the genuine child in a sweetie shop amongst her old-fashioned suitcases full of carefully colour-graded material. Clearly I must gave had a considerable amount of help but I still have this quirky, faded cushion:


So when a friend came to stay and exclaimed over their adorable-ness, I knew what pattern to use for his quilt. I designed the block to match the houses from my Granny’s quilt and had a delicious time matching fabrics from my stash to create these little beauties. It’s so satisfying to be able to use tiny scraps from various dresses, tops etc to make the windows and I had (probably literally) hours of pleasure agonising over their final arrangements.


My favourites are the starry skies (left over from the pinwheels quilt) and the rules were that no two adjacent skies, grasses or house colours could match.







Which is your favourite house?


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