I knew as soon as I saw her gorgeous versions online that I would make the Megan Nielsen Darling Dress and in fact I’ve made several. This is really number 3 but it’s by far and away the most successful and wearable. For the first one, I used a wonderfully soft, drapey rayon fabric but I found that when I used cotton, the bust darts were in a funny place and rather aggressively pointy!! For this one, I transferred the bust darts from an old and much loved shift dress pattern (which I can’t currently find to tell you what it is…) and it worked a treat.




The side seam pockets are huge and perfect and I’ve used them whenever I’ve wanted to sneak in some extra pockets (like this box pleat skirt) ever since. Why would you have matching pockets when you could have slightly secret funky ones?



The button placket was straightforward enough thanks to very clear instructions and I chose these to camouflage (yet not completely) with the fabric. I’d had my eye on this lovely autumnal print for months in Guthrie and Ghani and am thrilled the resulting dress is such a winner. I wear it all the time and it’s making me glad the season’s changing so it can come out to play again.


I remember playing this Rameau on one of this dress’s first outings and being completely blown away by the rhythmic and harmonic intensity:

What autumnal treasures are you reawakening? And the Rameau – you like? Doesn’t it sound modern?!



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