Deer & Doe Bleuet

I can’t tell you how much I love this dress! Where to start? The pretty little cuffed sleeves? The razor-sharp collar? The buttons? The back? Take your pick but this is a comfy everyday dress that I have to limit to only a few times a week!


I used French seams for a tidy finish then decided to add side-seam pockets. I found a handy youtube video:

and I’m really pleased I took the time to learn this new skill as it’s all super neat on the inside. I wore a RTW dress the other day and spent the whole time reaching for the non-existent pockets and am even contemplating doing some unpicking to add my own!!

As with the Deer & Doe Belladone dress (version 1version 2), I’m trying really hard not to have to wear a cardigan with this one because the back is so darn cool:



The bow on the back wasn’t something I thought was very me but I think it’s a really nice detail (and really not hard to make!) I mean, just look at the lovely panel shapes and cute little bow:


I used a fairly heavy cotton drill from the friendly little shop near my Granny’s house, Freelance Fabrics, and have already started version 2 using some heavy fabric with a splash of spandexy stretch so watch this space! Next time I will interface the plackets which will hopefully eliminate the slight droop below the collar and I will use an enclosed seam to attach the collar rather than cover the join with ribbon as I did this time.


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