BHL Prize Hamper

Guys, I won!!! Thank you SO much to everyone who voted for my pattern hack in the By Hand London patternhackathon!

And I haven’t been able to post before now as I’ve had my head firmly inside The Hamper! It arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and wasn’t just one box, oh no it wasn’t: TWO boxes arrived at work and my excellent fellow-sewing-fiend-colleague and I delved straight in. Delightfully, everything inside was wrapped in pattern paper and I was like a 5-year-old on Christmas morning! I feel that exclamation marks might feature quite highly in this post.


I’m not sure you’ll be able to handle all of the excitement in one go so I will blog about each item as I use it, starting with…..

….Love at First Stitch by Tilly WalnesThis is  s u c h  a gorgeous book fully of patterns I couldn’t wait to get stuck into. I started with a Christmas party Lilou Dress which I adore. I had pointyboobdartproblems but I rectified the situation easily enough and I’m really pleased with the scalloped neckline. Photos coming soon…

After that runaway success, I tackled the Megan Dress but sadly with much less success. The Boxing Day Disaster Dress is too awful even to photograph and it’s such a funny shape. This, I hasten to add, is my fault not Tilly’s as I was playing around with the sizing and graded from a size 2 top to a size 5 skirt and this was clearly a gap too far. I have funny folds in funny places and it will soon reappear in a patchwork project.

Yesterday I whipped up a quick Delphine Skirt with some heavy wool-mix from Barry’s and I added contrasting side seam pockets for a bit of extra fun. I’m in love. So much so that I’ve made another today from this super cool pink Liberty needlecord which was put in The Hamper by Sewbox:


The fabric itself is 60″ wide so I only needed 1m (yesssss!!!) It’s so soft and light I decided it needed lining and what better to use than this fantabulous rayon challis (another gift in The Hamper, courtesy of Grey’s Fabrics and Notions)?

FullSizeRender[3] (2)

This time I added slanted pockets which a) are excellent and b) give me extra opportunities to flash the lining.

And then, to top off a sewing-packed Christmas holiday, I paid a quick visit to the delicious Guthrie & Ghani’s sale this afternoon and am all equipped for the next few projects which may or may not include some snazzy BHL patterns, more from Love at First Stitch and other Hamper-related activity.

I won’t even ask if you’re jealous! But what shall I do with the remaining leopard print? 2×2 yards each of cotton/linen blend and rayon challis…


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