Jacobus Clemens non Papa

So, why the blog name? Well, listen to THIS:

Jacobus Clemens non Papa (c.1510-1555) was one of the leading Flemish composers of the Rennaisance and, if I hadn’t been born in the wrong century,I’d have married him for writing such completely perfect music. I am lucky enough to spend most Sundays singing this kind of stuff at the Birmingham Oratory and, while I’m really much more of a violinist, there’s something much more connected about produced the sound with just your voice and the lines and harmony of 16th Century polyphony do something magical to me.

Possibly his most well-known motet is O Maria Vernans Rosa but I can only find the first part anywhere online. There is a simply sublime secunda pars which wrenches you round and round in endless sequences and repetitions and is so unlike anything else of its time. The first section is pretty darn awesome too:

I love that his name is possibly a Latin joke: Clemens ‘not the pope’ to distinguish him from Pope Clement VII!

Tell me you love him too…


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